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Transport Policy and Well-Being: Curing a New Pathology of the Urban Traveler

by Alec Biehl and Amanda Stathopoulos, PhD

What are the components of a well-functioning society? This is a simple question with a tremendously intricate set of possible answers. Biehl and Stathopoulos explore the question by contemplating the elements that are ordinarily regarded as vital public goods—the provision of shelter and health services, formal education, and safe environments—and they ask the new question: where does and where should transportation fall on this priority list?

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Art by Suzanne Hayes, UIC BVIS.

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Alec Biehl

Alec Biehl is a PhD student at Northwestern within the Transportation Systems and Analysis Program, with interests in decision-making processes and transport planning policy.

Amanda Stathopoulos, PhD

Amanda Stathopoulos is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northwestern and holds a PhD in transport economics from Trieste University.