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Letter from the Editors

We are deeply proud and honored to share another issue of the NPHR with you. This issue would not have been possible without our incredible editorial board past and present who have labored lovingly over each piece. We specifically want to thank our graduating editors Kate Klein, Catherine Bartlett and Michelle de Oliveira Fernandes for their incredible dedication and contribution to the NPHR since its inception.

In this issue we very proudly share with you a rich and diverse spectrum of historical and contemporary public health stories. From a thorough reassessment of the typhoid outbreak of 1891 during the Chicago Columbian Exposition, to a vibrant discussion on the growing role of energy in public health locally and around the world, this current issue again focuses on our central desire to highlight untold stories in public health.

We are deeply indebted to all the contributing authors and artists for sharing their stories with us and through us. We are specifically grateful to the UIC department of biomedical visualization for our rich and deeply productive collaboration that led to a lot of the images used in the current piece.

Finally we specifically want to thank our sponsors and benefactors, the Northwestern Program in Public Health, the Driskill graduate program, the Northwestern International Program Development, and the Northwestern community building grant.  This issue would most certainly not exist without your support.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed working on it.


The editors

The Northwestern Public Health Review

Osefame Ewaleifoh

Osefame Ewaleifoh

Celeste Mallama

Celeste Mallama