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Northwestern Public Health Review - 2014 Issue

Letter from the Editors

In this issue, we focus on the untold stories in public health

Communicating Public Health through Pictures - Oct 7 2014

Annual Public Health Matters Seminar and Reception, with guest speaker Phil Fontanarosa, MD, Executive editor JAMA.

Jails as Insane Asylums

The growing need for jails to operate as mental health facilities

Social Networks and Text Messaging in Public Health

At the frontier of prevention interventions

Northwestern's Project RISHI: Health interventions in Charnia

A founding member of Northwestern's RISHI chapter describes the work she and her colleagues have done in India

Milestones in Public Health: Public Safety Trends

Advances and critical turning points that exemplify the consequence of highly impactful multi-disciplinary approaches to public health.

New Rationale for Treatment as Prevention

Cost-effective HIV management strategies from the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN).

The Affordable Care Act and Public Health

We highlight some of the features of the ACA that directly or indirectly target public health.

Sleep as a Public Health Issue

Sleep and circadian rhythms are often overlooked, and it is time for their debut as a public health issue.

The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission

Dr. John Phair reflects on his time at the ABCC

Keep Your Eyes On The Road Ahead

Avenues to curb texting & driving in the US

Responsible Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects

Historical lessons and public health implications

Alumni Spotlight: Discovering what it means to work in "public health"

An Interview with Dr. Karen Sheehan, MD, MPH

About this Issue's Cover Art

Reflections on this month's cover design from the artist.

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