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Northwestern Public Health Review - 2013 Issue

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to the Northwestern Public Health Review.

Inside the Framingham Heart Study

Dr. Lloyd-Jones discusses his time working in the Framingham Heart Study.

Interview with Dr. Jeremiah Stamler

Dr. Jeremiah Stamler reflects in an interview with M4 Nilay Shah on his time studying the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease.

The Science of Public Health

Dr. Wurtz explores the interplay between basic science and public health.

Behind the Public Face of Healthcare - A Look Inside the Illinois Department of Public Health

The inner workings of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The Urgent Need to Amend the Illinois State SMART Act - A Final Refuge for the Mentally Ill

A case for the revision of the SMART Act to preserve access to care for the mentally ill.

HIV/AIDS at Northwestern

A reflection on the first HIV positive patient admitted to Northwestern Hospital.

Blazing New Trails: An Epidemiology of Pneumonia Study in Chicago

Alumna reflects on her time in the CDC community-acquired pneumonia study.

Combating Vertical HIV Transmission and Maternal and Child Mortality in Ethiopia

A look at Ethiopia's growing healthcare infrastructure to support new mothers and battle vertical HIV transmission.

Work in Progress Report: Application to the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines

Dr. Mark Huffman's work in progress report on his application to the WHO's 2013 model list of essential medicines.

Reflections of a Pioneering Student: Dr. Eric Skaar

Alumnus of Northwestern University Dr. Eric Skaar on the founding of the MPH/PhD program.

Flesh and Blood

Meghan McCarter, the artist for this edition's cover, tells the story behind her artwork.

About the NPHR logo

Reflections on the inspiration,design and significance of the NPHR logo.

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